Rainbow Families Victoria is a volunteer community organisation based in Victoria, Australia. RFV supports and promotes equality for ‘rainbow’ families (parents, carers and prospective parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, gender diverse or intersex) including our children.

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How long has Rainbow Families Victoria been going?

Rainbow Families Victoria was established in September 2006 after the third Rainbow Families Conference held in Ivanhoe. Melbourne. Originally called “Rainbow Families Council”, RFV is an incorporated association in Victoria. It replaced an earlier lobby group, the Fertility Rights Access Lobby, which prior to 2006 had been a working group of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby.

Who funds Rainbow Families Victoria ?

You do! Our membership fees are a primary source of our income, as well as occasional grants for projects from government, councils and other organisations. We are grateful for the support of community members who donated to our GoFundMe fundraising drive in 2016 to help fund our successful “Rainbow Families Say no Plebiscite” campaign.

Who is involved in Rainbow Families Victoria?

We have no paid staff and instead the activities of Rainbow Families Victoria is coordinated by an annually elected committee of volunteers. The committee is supported by other volunteers who are part of several working groups, which work on a range of projects. The committee is elected at our annual general meeting each year and is open to any financial member to be a part of. From time to time we ask our members and supporters to assist with media, promotions, events, surveys and activities such as Pride March.

What does Rainbow Families Victoria do?

Connecting our community online
You can follow us on twitter at @RainbowFamVic or join our Facebook page here:


Bringing families together
RFV has a strong presence at the annual Midsumma (Melbourne) and Chill Out (Daylesford) events. We march in Pride March, host family events at the Midsumma season, organise an annual Rainbow Families Picnic and other family gatherings. See our News & Events page for more.

Campaigning for social and legal recognition
RFV coordinated the Love Makes a Family campaign (2005-2009), which made a major contribution to law reform in Victoria. In 2008 the Victorian government passed the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 which to remove discrimination for same-sex couples in accessing assisted reproductive treatment, and provided legal recognition for our families. We coordinated the successful Adoption Equality campaign during 2014 – 2015 and continue to work with the state government on the implementation of the Act.

RFV continues to campaign for legal equality for our families, including for marriage equality and

Educating schools, services, and the community
RFV produces Who’s In Your Family – posters, an information kit and education sessions to assist early childhood services to become inclusive of rainbow families.

Resourcing rainbow families
RFV provides a comprehensive information kit about the laws in Victoria for parents, prospective parents and donors (Rainbow Families Information Kit). NOTE: This will be updated in 2017 to include adoption equality reforms and donor information changes in Victoria.

Providing forums for our community
RFV has held four major conferences (2010, 2006, 2005 and 2003) to bring families and the community together to discuss ways to build, strengthen and support families, and legal issues. Semi-regularly we also hold smaller forums and information sessions as well as having a speaker of panel at our annual general meeting.

How can I get involved in RFV?
Contact us to find out more.

Email: info@rainbowfamilies.org.au